Hinged Door Horse Stalls


Sterling Equine’s hinged door stalls will add an elegant look to your horse barn. Out hinged door selection is produced with our USA Galvanized Steel Frames. They are fabricated in Farmington, Missouri by certified welders and fabricators. These doors are designed and built to you specifications, and can be split. One piece can operate on multiple hinges. Our doors are available in numerous configurations: glass, mesh, grill, or solid. We offer a choice of hardware that fit any motif: western, english, modern, and rugged. They always come with powder coating, UV Stabilized TFIC polyester, that is non toxic to both horses and humans, and hot dip galvanizing. 


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A horse barn can be about your love for horses and the “life style” it will bring you and your family. We at Sterling Equine want to make all those dreams come true. We are here to move those dreams into a reality through face-to-face consultations to ensure we have captured every aspect of your requirements. 

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