E - Series


The Sterling-Equine E-Series includes our hinged gate fronts and accessories.  With attractive open designs and elegant sweeping European lines, the E-Series will elevate the look and aesthetic of your facility.  Choose from a variety of options including glass, mesh, grill or wood fills to match your style and needs.  Built with durability in mind, the E-Series will captivate your imagination without sacrificing quality and safety, using the same safety features as our S and C-Series.


Choose from a variety of options including high and low fronts, finials, feed door options, and more!

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A horse barn can be about your love for horses and the “life style” it will bring you and your family. We at Sterling Equine want to make all those dreams come true. We are here to move those dreams into a reality through face-to-face consultations to ensure we have captured every aspect of your requirements.

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