Rubber Pavers

Flooring is the base for a good, safe, functional barn. While clay and crushed rock bases give horses good footing, they require a lot of maintenance if left as the surface flooring. Rubber Pavers can be laid over a base of crushed rock and eliminate the need for constant maintenance while also providing one of the safest surfaces for equine and adding a finished, classy look to your barn. If you have concrete flooring, Sterling-Equine has a ¾ version that can be laid over concrete to reduce slips, injuries, and noise; and increase safety, look, and comfortability.

Why our paver is a cut above the rest:

  • Our pavers are made from a mix of rubber shred and crumb which means they hold up better and longer

  • Our pavers are made from recycled revulcanized rubber giving it:

    • Excellent resilience

    • High resistance to oxidation and abrasion

    • Resistant to organic solvents

    • Ability to return to its original shape (no warping)

    • Strength – it is about 3-4 times stronger than non-revulcanized material

    • Waterproof which will reduce urine absorption, smell, and bacteria

  • Our pavers are colored all the way through so when wear does happen there is no discoloration

  • Easily replaced if one gets damaged



  • Colors

    • Terra Cotta Red

    • Black

    • Gray

  • Thickness

    • ¾

    • 1-1/2