Horse Stabling: Top 10 Rookie Mistakes

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Sterling Equine had the opportunity to write about our experiences in the equine stabling industry over at Horse Rookie. Horse Rookie is a website dedicated to helping the modern equestrian from all levels of expertise (especially rookies). They provide answers to common questions, help equestrians make informed decisions, and have more fun with their horses. From Riding tips to horse care, Horse Rookie is a wealth of information and resources ready for you to explore.

The staff at Sterling Equine have over 25 years of experience building stabling equipment to keep your equine partners safe and happy. The founder, Adam Busse, has been innovating and developing stall designs since 1991. Thus, here is what Adam has to say: “We make stalls that we are proud of. Protecting your horse with the highest quality possible makes Sterling the best. We’ll never lose sight of where we came from or the gratitude we have for our clients. I guarantee we’ll never have to explain away poor quality or an unsafe stall.”

We at Sterling Equine would like to help you on your horse stabling journey. A horse barn and stable is about your love for horses and the “lifestyle” it brings. In the article Horse Stabling: Top 10 Rookie Mistakes, the staff at Sterling discuss the most common mistakes we see when building, designing, and planning a barn and stable. Some of the topics discussed in this article include flooring, stall size, ventilation, design, stall doors, loft storage, and fly management.

Whether you are about to start planning your dream barn or just want to get some ideas, make sure to check out Horse Rookie to find out the do’s and don’ts! And be sure to like and follow us on Facebook! Thank you!