Why Choose Sterling HORSE STALLS?

Sterling Equine wants to help you bring your dream horse barn to life. We offer custom, luxury, horse stalls, beautiful barn doors, and steel frame horse equipment to make your dream a reality. Sterling Equine is the new innovator of looks and materials to build the most beautiful and functional horse equipment in the world. Our business philosophy is whether you are a single horse stall barn or a multiple horse stall barn, you are guaranteed the same quality service and product.


WHO WE ARE At sterling…

Sterling Equine is owned and operated by folks that have been in the equine business for over 25 years and have a deep desire to make your dream come true. Each of our professional consultants have experience in business for many years and can make certain that we are serving your needs. We understand how to provide architects, designers, builders, and construction professionals like you with the knowledge, drawings, updates and service levels needed to make decisions on your project. 


Customize your horse barn

Everything Sterling Equine offers is genuinely custom to include: wood, coatings, shapes, finials, latches, ventilation, and type of steel tubing used. Each item is discussed and reviewed throughout the overall process, so when it’s delivered and installed the “Life Style” and dream are completed.

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Need Assistance

A horse barn can be about your love for horses and the “Life Style” it will bring you and your family. We at Sterling Equine want to make all those dreams come true. We are there to move that dream into reality through face-to-face consultation to ensure we have captured every aspect of your requirements. 

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