Horse Stall Partitions

We take pride in making the most innovative and elegant designs on the market. We love our customers to be involved in the design process, so you always get the highest quality service and product. Our goal is to provide heavy-duty equipment that is safe for your equine partners and seamlessly incorporated in your barn for both beauty and functionality.

Sterling Equine builds a range of configurations in horse stall partitions. Our horse stall partitions are built to your specifications and are designed with your barn and horse in mind. We consider the disposition of the horses, how you will utilize the horse stall partitions, and the overall situation and placement in your barn.

Below are some examples of the partition designs we can provide you for your horse stall project.

1/2 Grill

Increases ventilation and socialization between horses

Horse Stall Partition, Horse Stall Divider

2/3 Grill

Ventilation and privacy partition for picky or aggressive eaters

Solid Partition

This version offers maximum privacy

Solid Mesh/Grill

This style allows for maximum ventilation

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