Barn Flooring

Sterling Equine designs, builds, and delivers custom horse stalls to meet your equine “lifestyle”. We take pride in making the most innovative and elegant designs on the market. We love our customers to be involved in the design process, so you always get the highest quality service and product. Our goal is to provide heavy-duty equipment that is safe for your equine partners and seamlessly incorporated in your barn for both beauty and functionality.


Rubber Pavers

Flooring is the base for a good, safe, functional barn. While clay and crushed rock bases give horses good footing, they require a lot of maintenance if left as the surface flooring. Rubber Pavers can be laid over a base of crushed rock and eliminate the need for constant maintenance while also providing one of the safest surfaces for equine and adding a finished, classy look to your barn. If you have concrete flooring, Sterling-Equine has a ¾ version that can be laid over concrete to reduce slips, injuries, and noise; and increase safety, look, and comfortability.

Stall Mats

Loktuff interlocking mats provide the perfect solution to stall needs. They are backed by a 12-year warranty and will never buckle or curl. These mats come in a 3/4″ thickness and 4×6 sections.

Our Process

Frequently Asked

What flooring should I choose for my horse stalls?

That depends on your priorities and set up. PermaGrid is used with compact base material and prevents horses from pawing or wearing holes in the stall. Interlocking stall mats provide some cushion and can be applied over both compacted base and concrete. Horse stall mattresses provide extra comfort, are impervious to moisture, and reduce the amount of bedding required. Please contact us to discuss the option that is right for you in more detail.

Why are there two thicknesses of equine rubber pavers (20mm and 40mm)?

The 40mm product is designed to be applied over a compacted base material that will drain well, much like installing a hard paver product for a patio or driveway. The 20mm is designed to be applied where concrete already exists and must be glued down.

Do I need to prep my site before installing flooring?

In most cases it is a good idea to create a level, good draining base to install flooring over. This will help your investment last longer and create a safer, healthier environment for your horses.

Can I install flooring over concrete?

Interlocking mats, stall mattresses, and equine rubber pavers can all be installed over concrete.