Barn Doors

We take pride in making the most innovative and elegant designs on the market. We love our customers to be involved in the design process, so you always get the highest quality service and product. Our goal is to provide heavy-duty equipment that is safe for your equine partners and seamlessly incorporated in your barn for both beauty and functionality.


Barn End Doors

Sterling Equine barn end doors will be a statement piece that represents your entire equine project. We have the ability to design and build the perfect door for your barn entrance so you can finish off the look with style. The first thing you will notice about Sterling Equine barn end doors is the ease in which the door either swings open or slides. Since this is one of the most used parts of your facility, it will be noticed for years to come. Our doors are beautiful, robust, and functional.

Barn Dutch Doors

Dutch doors are a great option for a secondary equine exit. Whether you have paddock access from your barn or not, Dutch doors provide another avenue to access your horses (in case of emergency, this can be a life saver) and add ventilation. Sterling Equine’s Dutch door frames are made from rolled steel for added durability. Design the Dutch doors to match your personal barn look by choosing from a wide array of options.

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