Horse Stall Fronts

We primarily utilize all steel components for most fronts; however, we use aluminum and our newest full front product, HDPE. Safety is always a factor with our fronts, so we set our grill bars on 3″ centers to maximize the safety of your horses. Coating and finishes are a very important part of each product that is produced. 


HOrse Stall Doors

Sterling Equine provides many options in our custom doors that will fit your specific needs in your barn. Doors are always a very personal choice from hinged to sliding. Our goal is to make available as many options as possible of heavy duty stall doors that meet a look and safety of your barn.


Horse Stall Partitions

Sterling Equine builds a range of configurations in stall partitions. Our partitions are built to your specifications and are designed with your barn and horse in mind. We consider the disposition of the horses, how you will utilize the stall partitions, the overall situation and placement in your barn.


Sliding Horse Stall Doors

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Hinged Horse Stall Doors

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