Horse Stalls

Sterling Equine designs, builds, and delivers custom horse stalls to meet your equine “lifestyle”. We take pride in making the most innovative and elegant horse stalls on the market. We love our customers to be involved in the design process, so you always get the highest quality service and product. Our goal is to provide heavy-duty equipment that is safe for your equine partners and seamlessly incorporated in your barn for both beauty and functionality. Not all horse stalls are created equally, but we build everything right here in the USA using the best materials we can source. 


With Safety In Mind

Rest assured that Sterling Equine always designs and builds our horse stalls and related equipment with safety, functionality, and longevity in mind. We only use the highest quality Galvanized Steel when building our horse stall systems and stabling equipment. Our Horse Stalls and Horse Stall Dividers feature 1” bar on 3” centers on the upper grillwork and 1” bar on 2.5” centers on the lower grillwork. This key safety measure will prevent injuries to your horses and damage to the equipment so you can be confident your horses are in the safest environment. We also provide durable 2” square ¼” round mesh as an alternative to wood and grill fills so you get more design options with the safest measures being met.


S – Series Horse Stalls

The Sterling-Equine S-Series Horse Stall includes our sliding door fronts, high quality sliding track and safely designed grills. Sliding horse stall doors are a popular option for many horse barns because of their functional design. They make tight aisles and busier walkways easier to navigate, saving valuable space. Sterling Equine’s tract system for sliding doors is the best on the market with a self-cleaning design for decades of worry-free operation.

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E – Series Horse Stalls

The Sterling-Equine E-Series includes our hinged gate fronts and accessories. With attractive open designs and elegant sweeping European lines, the E-Series will elevate the look and aesthetic of your facility. Choose from a variety of options including glass, mesh, grill or wood fills to match your style and needs. Built with durability in mind, the E-Series will captivate your imagination without sacrificing quality and safety.

C-Series horse stall by Sterling Equine

C – Series Horse Stalls

The Sterling-Equine C-Series is our component line. We offer custom grill work, doors and gates, latches, hardware, U-Channel, and more. This line is a build-your-own-stall component system so you can pick and choose the pieces you need to complete your facility without sacrificing quality, elegance, and safety. Just need the Sliding door and track for your stalls? With the C-Series we can make it happen!



Our Process

Frequently Asked

Can I custom design my stalls?

Absolutely! We love our customers to be involved in the design process, so you always get the highest quality service and product.

Can you make stalls for other livestock?

Yes! We have made stalls for sheep, pigs, cattle, goats and more.

What are your standard stall dimensions?

As mentioned above, we are a custom shop so we can make any size stall needed.

What is your lead time?

Lead times are generally between 6-10 weeks from time of order placed. Please contact us if you have an order that needs to be expedited to see if we can accommodate you.

Is the equipment difficult to install and do you do the installation?

Our equipment is easy to install. Generally, the first panel will take a first timer about 1-1/2 hours to install and 30-45 minutes for the remaining panels. We do not do installations, but we do provide installation instructions. It is typically more cost effective to use a local contractor to do the installation.

Can I get my stall/and or equipment in any color?

We can powder coat just about any color! We have a standard set of colors that are included in cost (please see color page), any nonstandard color may incur additional costs.