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C-Series Horse Stalls

Are you a hands-on, no-frills, build-your-own kind of person? Well, then the C-Series is just the ticket for your stall needs. “C” stands for “component,” as in you pick and choose the components you’ll need to configure the barn you’re envisioning—without any sacrifice in quality, functionality, safety, or style. The only real limit is your imagination, and if you’re a do-it-yourselfer, we’re confident you’ve got plenty of that.

C-Series Horse Stall Fronts for Sliding Doors Include:
● Grill or mesh
● Sliding door
● Track system

C-Series Horse Stall Fronts for Hinged Doors Include:
● Grill Wings
● Hinged Door

C-Series Horse Stall Partitions Include:
● Grill or mesh
● U-Channel
● Wall Stiffeners

C-Series à la carte:
We help you choose the specific hardware you need to complete your stall to make it right for your facility. For example, if you just need U-channels or maybe just the track system, we’ve got you covered.