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E-Series Horse Stalls

Exceptional & Elegant 

Some suspect the “E” in our E-Series stalls stands for “European.” That’s because the attractive, open design and sweeping lines harken back to a time of Old-World craftsmanship and elegance. But it could also stand for “Exceptional” or “Effortless,” which is what E-Series Horse Stalls are, with their classic hinged gates and accessories that will stand the test of time. Then again, it could stand for “Elevate,” which is what these stalls will do for your facility, both functionally and aesthetically.  


  • Choose from heavy-duty barrel hinges or adjustable stainless-steel hinges.
  • Constructed from heavy gauge galvanized steel for a robust, rust-resistant solution.
  • Grills are spaced 3” on center above 49” and 2.5” on center below 49” to keep your equine partners safe and secure.
  • Mesh is constructed from durable galvanized steel with 2” squares.