Guides to Building Barns or Large Sheds

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What are some good guides to building barns/large sheds?

When it comes to building a barn or large run-in shed, there is no such thing as one-size-fits-all. First, depending on your unique needs, the climate you reside in, your budget, lifestyle, and more, will determine the best barn for you. Second, deciding between what you need for your barn and what you want should be figured out early on in the planning process. Although we all would love to build our dream barn with all the bells and whistles, sometimes doing so would put us over budget. Below we have put together a few guides to follow when building your dream barn from horse stall size to materials.

When coming up with the design, you will want to ask yourself how you will use the space now and in the future? Do you want a custom horse barn? Are you building a personal barn with a few stalls for your horses, or are you building a larger barn with the potential to become a training barn? Will your shed be for storage of equipment or shelter for your horses? Once you have answered those questions, you can then start thinking about the interior and exterior layout of your barn or shed.

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As a horse owner, we know our barn will need to have a tack room, wash stall, and cross ties but have you thought about your horse stalls or flooring? Typically, most horse stalls are 12 ft by 12 ft! You will want to make sure your horse has enough room to lay down, turn around, etc. Having the proper measurements to keep your horse safe while they are in their stall should be your top priority. That being said, our Horse Stalls and Horse Stall Dividers feature 1” bar on 3” centers on the upper grillwork and 1” bar on 2.5” centers on the lower grillwork. This key safety measure will prevent injuries to your horses so you can be confident they are in the safest environment. Figuring out what the best flooring for your horse stalls comes next. Sterling Equine offers a variety of horse stall flooring options including Rubber Pavers, Interlocking Stallmats, PermaGrid, and more. All are great options for your barn, it just depends on your preference!

Another important thing to consider when building your barn is ventilation. Having the proper airflow is crucial to your horse’s health! A properly designed barn ventilation system helps to get rid of moisture from inside of your barn keeping it in adequate condition. It should also cycle fresh air through the building which is much better for the horses and humans that will be in or around your barn! Installing fans and/or windows throughout your barn should help improve the air quality in your horse barn!

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Designing your horse barn and shed can be very overwhelming but when well thought out and planned properly, it can be very rewarding! There are many benefits of building your own barn and shed. You can design them just how you want, include features you always wish you had at other boarding facilities, and more. After all, this is your very own barn. We hope you will benefit from our guide when building your future barn or shed and wish you the best of luck!