How to Organize Your Barn Like a Luxury Horse Stable

luxury horse stable organization

It can feel overwhelming to organize your horse stables on top of mucking stalls, taking care of the horses, and maintaining your property. By following a few easy organizational tips, you can make your barn appear less cluttered and more like your dream luxury horse stables.

Corral Polo Wraps & Boots

Polo wraps and boots are hard to keep track of. They’re easily lost or dirtied in the depths of your tack trunk and polo wraps can unroll if they’re not stored properly, creating an even bigger mess.

A convenient way to store polo wraps and boots is to use a wall-mounted metal rack. A bandage basket, like this one, will keep your polo wraps in a tight grip so they won’t unroll. Plus, your boots will fit neatly in the basket either horizontally or vertically. A smart-looking and well-organized bandage basket would blend right in at a luxury horse stable.

Create a Tack Cleaning Station

Do you clean your tack after every ride? While we all know that’s what we should do, many equestrians forget. Every horse stable could benefit from a tack cleaning station.

A tack cleaning station can work as an organizational tool for your horse stable and as a reminder that you should clean your tack. Your station could include tack soap and conditioner, a bucket for clean water, and tack sponges. Keeping all of this together in a designated area that’s out of the way will prevent clutter, especially if your boarders regularly clean their tack and leave out their supplies. Plus, having a designated basket for tack cleaning sponges will prevent them from going missing.

To really add to that luxury horse stable feel, build your cleaning station from solid wood with metal accents (such as a bridle rack or hooks) that match the rest of your tack room.

Hang Bits for Easy Access

Where do you keep your bits? Many equestrians keep them in an old box or tack trunk somewhere in their tack room. This system isn’t very easy to use and can make your horse stable look cluttered.

A metal rod and hook system allows you to see all of your bits at one glance and easily remove them for use. Hanging this metal rod on your tack room wall creates a polished and organized look– especially if all the bits are sparkling clean. You should match the metal rod and hooks to the rest of your horse stable. For example, if your bridle racks are silver, choose a silver rod. If you want even more of a luxury horse stable look, upgrade all of your metal equipment to gold or brass.

stable organization by sterling equine

Set a Regular Cleaning Schedule

Take the phrase “spring cleaning” to heart. Setting a regular cleaning schedule in the spring and fall has several benefits. Designating a deep-cleaning day gives you time to brush cobwebs out of your rafters, clean up any lingering clutter, organize your tack trunk, and rotate the equipment that you’ll need for the next season.

It’s a lot of work for just one person– make it a little easier by recruiting your boarders, friends, and family to help you scrub water buckets and powerwash the barn. With the help of your equestrian community, your horse stable can enter the next season clean, organized, and ready for whatever the next few months may hold.

Luxury Horse Stables by Sterling Equine

At Sterling Equine, we know horse stables. Having worked in the equine industry for more than 25 years, we’ve built more luxury horse stables than we can count. We know that a well-designed barn is that much easier to keep clean and organized.

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